Wednesday, October 20, 2010

3G operators scramble for promotion blind users Costly

"Give away one of Telecom CDMA mobile phone, gift card 133 includes a 300 yuan bill, they direct-dial long-distance market would have two horn / min, free monthly rent; another bike, electric stove, Taiwan tea can choose one, all only 398 yuan. "Is that realistic? now, almost three operators of the promotion" crazy. "

Operator: blind Promotions

In order to maximize the fight for customers, seize market opportunities, Mobile, Unicom, Telecom had employed every means, buy a mobile phone to send the bill, deposit Hua Fei sent the bill, sent to mobile phones or gift deposit Hua Fei, preferential tariff packages to upgrade promotion price reduction, etc. common. The back, the three operators, "gift," continued the stakes in a great tendency on the 3G a go.

In fact, objectively speaking, operators engaged in promotional activities to attract more users can network, to some extent increase market share, expand brand awareness for future full-blown 3G services basis. Only, not an end in itself, promotion, such promotion at the local blood seems too blind.

"3G is not bad money, carriers lose money earn shouted." Operators spending a large amount of money, spend money on the user, the first result of their profit margins squeezed. According to report, by the impact of 3G investment spending, by 2009 three quarters of the profit status of the three operators are not ideal. Particularly in telecommunications, the first three quarters of profits for the 11.392 billion yuan, down 33.9% over the same period last year.

In addition, with the full upgrade promotional war, disputes between operators is also increasing. As the mobile, telecommunications, Unicom launched 3G in-house are full promotion, in order to complete the promotion task, some employees out of Henzhao, or even Sun Zhao, telecommunications battles and killings, all kinds of extreme popularity of illegal competition.

User concerns: wolf

Operators to engage in promotional give away phone bill, the consumer is no doubt a good thing. However, such a ridiculous but everyone was incredible promotion. The sky will not fall out, a user is suspected of wire fraud, as well as the user directly call wolf!

So, faced with the unexpected generosity of promotion operators, most of the consumer mentality is a contradiction. One is afraid of being 蹇芥偁, heart but not action; Second, worry and to the promotion of product quality network and service after the network signal problems.

Experts pour cold water on

In terms of the operators, promotion is only a supplementary means for the user. In addition to heavy promotion, the operators should focus on business innovation, to avoid out of line with consumer demand. Telecom experts, Li Gang, said the results of short-term promotions Although 3G users will increase, but the concession period, the user will choose natural or more appropriate in their own way. In addition, the use of pull-back price war and low purchasing power of users, the profit for the operator contribution would be minimal. He stressed that only the effective development of real quality, loyal users, to achieve revenue growth.


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